Circular Transformation and Fiscal Advantages

Welcome to the page dedicated to EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss, the plant that transforms organic waste into secondary raw material. On this page, you will find out how our product works, what its benefits are and how it can help your business become more sustainable.

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How does it work

The EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss is a system that uses advanced technology to sterilize organic waste at 120°. This process completely eliminates bacterial and enzymatic activities, creating an inert and sterile by-product that represents a secondary raw material.

Secondary raw materials (MPS) obtained from this process are materials deriving from recycling processes or production waste, which can be reintroduced into the economy as new raw materials. According to Italian waste legislation, these fall into the category of "by-products" (Legislative Decree 264/16), therefore excluding the related materials from the scope of waste legislation.



The EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss offers numerous advantages for companies that use it:

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    Tax benefits


The raw materials obtained from EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss can be used in various applications, such as soil improver, pellets for heating, ingredients for pet food or, for example, in controlled dispersion at sea resulting from cruise activities.

Soil improver

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Heating pellets

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Sea dispersion

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What the Captain say

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    “Up to 98% reduction in CO2 impact for each kg of organic material treated compared to traditional waste management”

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    “Reduction of spaces dedicated to storage (e.g. refrigerated areas) and related maintenance costs”

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    “Improvement of hygienic conditions for workers and those employed in the storage and collection service”

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    “Total elimination of pathogens, bacteria, leachates and unpleasant odors”

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