EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss
October 27, 2023 By Captain Refit

EFR PuriLoop: Circular Transformation and Fiscal Advantages


Circular Transformation and Fiscal Advantages

The EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss, is a plant that transforms organic waste into secondary raw material. In this context, organic waste undergoes a 120° sterilization process thanks to the advanced technology of EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss, completely eliminating bacterial and enzymatic activities. This process creates an inert and sterile by-product that represents a secondary raw material.

Secondary raw materials (MPS) obtained from this process are materials deriving from recycling processes or production waste, which can be reintroduced into the economy as new raw materials. In accordance with Italian waste legislation, this falls into the category of "by-product" (Legislative Decree 264/16), thus excluding the relevant materials from the scope of waste regulations.

The EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss, in addition to representing an advanced step in sustainable waste management, aligns with the new provisions of Transition 4.0 (Law 232 of 11 December 2016, and subsequent amendments). This equipment is considered "Goods functional to the technological and digital transformation of businesses according to the Industry 4.0 model". This designation is particularly relevant for 2023, as it allows businesses to benefit from a 20% tax credit under current provisions.

The process of production and reuse of secondary raw materials contributes to reducing the overall generation of waste and improving the security of supply of raw materials in the European Union, supporting the objectives of a circular economy. The raw materials obtained can be used in various applications, such as soil improver, pellets for heating, ingredients for pet food or, for example, in controlled dispersion at sea resulting from cruise activities.

The process developed by EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss offers various advantages, including a greater possibility of reusing raw materials, traceability of the process thanks to the inclusion of 4.0 technology, and satisfaction of the "zero waste" award criteria envisaged by the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria ). At the same time, the process contributes to overall environmental sustainability, preventing potential hygienic-sanitary contamination and reducing the initial volume of waste by 90%. This translates into significant savings in terms of energy and disposal costs.

Based on the data that emerged and the technical and management information available, the EFR PuriLoop by EcoSwiss represents an important evolutionary step in terms of environmental impact, health and hygiene safety and sustainability, aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

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