A wide range of options for interior and exterior surface covering, refurbishment, and decoration, with over 1000 finishes available. Moreover, the non-invasive on-site application technique allows for significant cost reduction in space renovation. Experience the warmth of wood, the sophistication of brushed metals, the allure of natural stone, and countless other possibilities. The latest finishes reflect the most current trends in color and texture, featuring the innovative coating, these special coating ensures a completely opaque surface.

Everything a coating material needs it's Refit Excellence

Lightness, flexibility, as well as an essential and lasting aesthetic quality.

It offers a high flame retardant capacity and excellent resistance to
water, dirt, impact, wear, abrasion.

Refit Excellence

laminated adhesives can be easily cleaned and disinfected without deteriorating the surface finish. Like all other hard, non-porous surfaces, these finishes can be kept clean with commercial disinfectants and cleaners.

Furthermore, this technology, thanks to an integrated system of invisible channels for the air to escape, simplifies installation, making it smoother and faster.

Nothing is disassembled, everything is transformed: furnishings, counters, desks, tables, doors, partition walls, false ceilings, lifts, wainscoting.

With the extraordinary advantage for the end customer of carrying out the work without necessarily having to stop his business!

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